Friday, January 13, 2017

You Can't Follow Jesus

As Pope Francis recently preached - you can't follow Jesus - if you are standing still. This is true in every sense - unless you are willing to - move - mind - heart - feet - you cannot follow anything. Great ideas come and go - all the time - making a decision to act - another issue. How often have we come upon a new concept - idea - suggestion - we think we would like to try - engage in - only to fail so poorly - because we never started. When we discover these pearls - we have to move beyond discovery - explore - investigate - make the decision - engage. New job opportunity - better hours - more pay - potential future advancement - laying at our fingertips - fail - never move - made a commitment. All of us - guilty - failing to take that first step.

Jesus knows us so well - never angry - often disappointed - because we did not act. So often He lays opportunities at our feet - opens doors - removes obstacles - levels the rough road - clears the path - only to have us - do nothing. Time and again - He repeats His efforts. Time and again - we stall - stuck in the same time and space. Thankfully He is much more patient than we are ourselves. His offers - always there - waiting for us - to act. Every day is a new opportunity - another chance to follow Him - into a new - deeper relationship. Every day He invites us to follow Him - to move from loneliness - pain - suffering - despair - to a new life in Him - to wholeness - comfort - joy - hope. Jesus' footprints do not have to be the only ones in the sand - yours can be there alongside Him - following Him to a better place. Take the first step - the rest will be easy.

Deacon Dale