Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunshine Superman

You have to be older - to even know what Sunshine Superman - was. In the mid 1960's - July 1966 - a number one hit on the American music charts - sung by Donovan - a Scottish singer-songwriter. Basically a love song - trying to convince the focus of his attention on his qualities - "Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothing on me" - a classic line in the song. Love songs such as this are what made music of the 60's so great. Walking down memory lane - a fun journey - with the right people. Most younger adults have no idea what they missed - not living then. Life was simpler - still complicated - education - jobs - family - drugs - sexual revolution - the draft - Vietnam - marriage - religion. Back then - through everything - most people still had faith - attended church - professed belief in God. Today - much the same - except the latter point. Church no longer relevant - an idea whose time has come and gone - now it is all about self - personalized - lonely - disbelief.

Through the ages God has always been there - for all of us - even when we fail to acknowledge Him. Throughout the ages - His people either pay attention to Him or ignore Him - the Gift of Free Will. God will not - does not - force our attention on Him. When the time is right - everyone eventually makes a conscious decision to acknowledge the Author of Life. As we strive to honor New Years Resolutions - failing time and again - another promise fallen by the wayside - God waits - patiently - Jesus standing next to you - holding Your heart in His hands - with Love.

Deacon Dale