Friday, January 20, 2017

Winners and Losers

In every competition - there will be a winner and a loser - the entire purpose of the competition - otherwise an exercise of futility. If no winner or loser was anticipated - why hold the competition?  Everyone expects to win - no one to lose - reality check - one will succeed - one will not. The saying - better to run the race and lose - than not to have run at all - gives no solace to the loser. Unhappy - disappointed - angry - hurt - justified emotions - to be expected. Gloating - boasting - overly boisterous - unbecoming any winner. The true test in any competition - how those who participated - handled - success - loss. It is only after the contest had ended - true winners are revealed.

Luckily for us - we are all winners - in the contest of life - when choosing Jesus as your running mate. There will be falls - bumps - along the course of life. In the end - all win - not necessarily to the same degree - not gathering up the same accolades - each in their own individual way - a winner.  When you come to the end of your race - you are a winner - as long as Jesus is with you. Run the race alone - without God - you end up alone - run the race with Jesus - never a lonely moment. We all run the race of life - who you choose to run with - your choice.

Deacon Dale