Friday, September 14, 2012


Fire! screamed from the top of one's lungs may be a warning of impending danger or the excited yell of a youngster - depending on the situation.  Watching a neighbor's house engulfed in flames spreads terror in the hearts of those around - sitting excitedly around a campfire and roasting marshmallows quite another experience altogether. Like many natural forces - fire has the ability to be both good and bad.  It provides heat and light - keeps strange animals away from you in the woods - disposes of unwanted trash. It also destroys and causes anxiety when allowed to burn out of control.  Fire may be external or internal. An internal fire might be the result of a disease or infection in which the body tries to burn up or eliminate a bacteria or virus - seeking to make the body whole and pure.
When you first became a believer in Jesus as the true Son of God - when you were baptized with water and your sins washed away in that purification ritual - you were cleansed and enlightened. As an adult - when you recommitted yourself to Jesus and proclaimed Him as Lord and Savior - you were born again and the fire of His love filled you - you became one with Him in the Spirit. Today your inner fire may have become a small flicker of faith - dulled by society and life situations - to re-kindle that fire that once fed and nurtured your life - you simply have to pray "Come Lord Jesus - Come".

Deacon Dale