Thursday, September 6, 2012


Most of us have traditions that we observe - ethnic - cultural - historical - spiritual. In my family we have a blend of traditions incorporating both mine and my wife's family.  Some center around specific times of the year - such as Easter and Christmas.  Others - such as anniversaries and birthdays - follow the calendar and still others - such as family reunions - were based strictly on how and why and when the tradition began.  For example - in regards to our annual family reunion - selecting a time of year when the majority of the aunts, uncles and cousins were available took some developing but eventually we settled on Labor Day weekend. It works for most but not all - but the majority are able to participate. Thus the tradition of meeting yearly over Labor Day weekend has become one of our traditions. Because one or both of our parents were descendants from Italy - we honor the Italian traditions of our ancestors by serving an all Italian menu and playing Bocce - a favorite Italian game.  Other things have been incorporated and made apart of the annual reunion so that after 17 years the family reunion has become "tradition'.
The Catholic Church is based on two pillars - Scripture and Tradition. Just as in our own families - the Church has developed traditions often not found in Holy Scripture. Some people have a problem with this since it is not referred to in Holy Scripture - and thus deny the authenticity of that particular tradition. Any intelligent person will immediately recognize that the authors of the different books of the Bible did not record every single event - thought or action of Jesus.  That would have been impossible - since NOBODY knows the mind of God. To think otherwise would be almost blasphemous - making yourself more knowledgeable than God. From our Church family we celebrate and rejoice in the beautiful traditions that have been been incorporated into our understanding of God and in our Worship.

Deacon Dale