Sunday, September 2, 2012


Saturday my wife and I hosted the annual family reunion.  This is the family from my mother's side - so since her maiden name was Bonvini - we call it BonviniFest.  It is always a great time reconnecting with our cousins - the games - the food - the stories - the new babies - it is one constant party from start to finish.  Although the morning started with rain - it quickly stopped - partially because of the rosaries Arlene hung outside - partially because of all  the prayers we said asking for some dry time. This is our yearly time to celebrate our Italian heritage - to discuss our travel plans to Italy and to share stories about the family still in Italy. Of course we play games - bean bags for one and definitely the annual family bocce tournament. This year I was able to show off the bocce court I constructed in the back yard - all 80 feet of it with its 58 thousand pounds of rock used to construct it. The cousins were impressed to say the least and everyone wanted a turn on the court.  At the end of the day it is all about family - staying connected.
When we gather at church on the weekend for Holy Mass that is exactly what we are celebrating - family - the Family of God - the family of unrelated individuals who share a common bond as people of God. We may not be playing games - but still - we share in the actions of Holy Mass - calling Jesus our Savior and God our Father as our priests and deacons lead us through the Sunday worship.  At the end of the day - it is all about family - staying connected to the One who loves us - the Author of life!

Deacon Dale