Thursday, September 20, 2012


Down through the ages there have been numerous Kings and Queens and houses of Royalty. These designations normally acquired through family blood lines and passed down from one generation to another. It is interesting that to be considered of "royalty" -  there is really no requirement except that of being born into the family.  No special talent - no special gift - no degree of being any better than any other person - except being born into a "royal" family. When a royal line is traced backwards - very often we will find that the title was conferred onto an individual as a sign of gratitude for a job well done - particularly one of a military nature.  So in a  manner of speaking we have made "royal"  those who excelled at fighting.  Seems odd - when you think of it - that we should honor and hold in high regards those whose claim to fame was nothing more than a military accomplishment.  To compound this - the title was passed from father to son and in many places perpetuates to this day.  You might ask - why do we perpetuate  this system - why not honor others who have accomplished much more and in a peaceful manner - how about teachers - doctors - artists - builders?
When Jesus was proclaimed King of Kings - His was not a title won on a battlefield - but rather in the hearts of the people who heard His gentle words of peace - love - forgiveness - reconciliation.  Sure He showed anger in the temple when He chased out the money changers - but that was not all He did in the short time He walked this earth. He preached love - healing - hope - faith.  Unlike the kings and queens that came before Him - His kingdom was a heavenly one - a place where He would go to prepare space for each of us - that at the end of our time we could be with Him and His Heavenly Father in paradise.  Jesus - King for all - is He your King?

Deacon Dale