Thursday, September 13, 2012

Say What?

Now a days we are all experts - we join Facebook and LinkedIn and become experts on anything - no matter how well educated we are or are not - we start blogs - and profess knowledge of specialized subjects - valuable and otherwise. We get to say what we want - when we want - how we want. The other day I ran across one of those "experts" who had done a minor project involving tracking financial donors - his newest claim to fame since that project - he is now calling himself a financial services expert.  In his mind -maybe - to the rest of the world - ?  - I can avoid judgement - he has his reasons.  For those of us who write blogs about our faith and faith journeys - we are held to a higher standard. We profess what we have experienced in our personal lives - we preach the Good News from both a head and heart perspective. We do not profess to be experts or specialists - we are not infallible or without sin - we are ordinary people doing the best we can to share the Faith that we have received.
As Roman Catholics - we are bound to the Truth - which is Jesus Christ - we profess the Creed in the way we live our lives - we share the teachings of the Church Fathers - We believe what we read - we teach what we believe - we practice what we teach. No more - no less.

Deacon Dale