Saturday, October 20, 2012


A compulsion is a strong - usually irresistible - impulse to perform an act - especially one that is irrational or contrary to one's will.  Compulsions take many different forms - perhaps eating excessive amounts of food for fear of starvation - practicing an athletic skill such as hitting a 1000 practice balls for fear of losing a golf match - anything that a normal person would not do.  Compulsions may be either damaging or beneficial - depending on the focus and the eventual outcome.  After watching the movie The Way - both my wife and I have become engrossed in the idea of going to Spain and doing the 800 Km walk ourselves. In a way we feel compelled to do this - a walking pilgrimage of great distance - a compulsion.
Jesus was compelled to fulfill His mission on Earth. He could not deny who He was or why He had been born.  His was not a desire to merely do His Father's will - He was compelled to the point that He gave His life willingly - He could do nothing else.  So great is His love for each of us - He would do it all over again if He had to.  If you have never made a commitment to Him - now would be a good time.

Deacon Dale