Friday, October 26, 2012


A validation is the act or process of making something valid - legal - official. It is common for people to validate all types of things - parking stubs - concert tickets - appointment times - test dates - relationships - friends on social networks. When something is validated it tells us that everything is in order and on schedule. As people of order - we are comforted when we validate these different things.  In the Roman Catholic Church we frequently process marriages that were contracted outside the Church.  Many people refer to this process as "blessing a marriage" - the correct term is a validation ceremony. In this ceremony vows are repeated and men and women recommit themselves - validate their relationship - in the presence of a priest or deacon - the marriage is validated - made legal in the Church.
In Mark 9:2-9 Jesus was transfigured before his disciples - that action by God validated His divinity and revealed to the disciples that Jesus was no ordinary person. Most of Jesus' ministry was validating the worth of people - to their friends - to their neighbors - to themselves. Today - just as in the past - Jesus reassures us and reminds us that we are worth more than we realize - that as modern day disciples we have a valid ministry - a valid challenge - to do as Jesus did - to validate the worth of each other.

Deacon Dale