Thursday, October 25, 2012


Providence is a middle English word which comes from provident and is translated from the Latin pro = for  and videre = to see.  Therefore, providence means the action of being provident or seeing to the future - to prepare - to be prudent - as watching for future events. When one is being provident they might store up food for the winter - money for unforeseen expenses - time for future activities and the like.  Years ago my wife was in a Christian praise band called Providence - their goal was to spread the Word of God to all who would listen - to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven - here and now - to encourage people sitting on the sides to become active Christians. It is not only singers and musicians who have the opportunity to touch the minds and hearts of the common person - all of us have the potential to spread the Gospel message of Jesus through our actions and words.  Although doubted as an authentic quote of Saint Francis - he is accredited with the phrase "preach the Gospel constantly - when necessary use words".  Futureyes was the name of a local youth group who were challenged by their youth minister to see the future and their potential to effect change for the good - to spread Jesus' Gospel as teens.
Jesus lived His life proclaiming His Father's message of love - forgiveness - healing - redemption - in what He said and did. Many times it was a touch or embrace - an admonition - words of encouragement.  He was the Word that became flesh for the "life of the world". Jesus gave His all so that even today - 2000 years later - His words might heal and save souls. Each of us needs to pause and reflect on His awesome gift of life - life for today - life for eternity. Today we - like Jesus - need to proclaim His message to all we meet - we all should have futureyes.

Deacon Dale