Thursday, October 18, 2012


A recipe is a list of ingredients and directions which are used to assemble and create a product. That product might be a dish for eating or it might be a formula for producing something completely different such as a political campaign. All recipes list the ingredients required in the production process and the manner in which those ingredients are combined - in what proportions and at specific times and intervals for the desired product to be realized or completed.  With a food recipe it is important to follow the list and quantities of ingredients and the instructions for mixing and heating or cooling in order to create an edible food item that tastes good and may be reproduced in the future. In a political campaign - the main ingredient is a support staff that provides the candidate with reliable and true information so that when assembled and delivered to the voting population helps the candidate to win the election. Unfortunately - many recipes - both food and otherwise - are not followed accurately or truthfully and the outcome usually leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
In John 14:6 Jesus proclaimed to His followers that He was - The Truth - The Way - The Life - the ingredients needed to attain Heaven - to be able to see the Father face to face. His recipe -shared with His disciples - guaranteed the product of meeting His Father - God in Heaven - as long as His recipe was followed.  Believe in Him - Believe in His Words - Believe in His promises and Eternity in Heaven was possible - His recipe for an eternal life of peace and joy.  That recipe still exists today - for you - for me.  All we have to do is follow it accurately and truthfully and we will see Him in heaven!

Deacon Dale