Thursday, October 4, 2012


An officiant is a person who officiates at a service or ceremony such as a wedding, baptism or funeral. At weddings and baptisms the officiant normally is required to be ordained in a specific denomination in order to perform their duties.  At funerals - the officiant is not required to be ordained - but rather one who is trained and has experience conducting funeral services. In this day and age - it is not unusual for persons who have no affiliation with a religious community or organization to be buried without the assistance of a trained officiant. Very often people who are cremated have their ashes spread by a family member with no official service.  While this may be expedient - it often leaves family members with an uneasy feeling that their loved one was not given a dignified and proper goodbye. In light of this - my wife who is a hospital chaplain and I have recently begun a new ministry we call "Final Journey".  Through this new ministry we are offering funeral officiant services.  Our web site is located at - where we describe the services offered and to whom. It is sad that this type of service is needed - but rather than ignore the issue - we are extending ourselves in a Christian manner to help others.
Jesus came because of the Love that He and the Father have for all mankind. He came to save us from ourselves - from the sins we would commit - from the evil that poisons the hearts of people. He came for everyone - but everyone did not accept Him - He came for His own people - but even some of His own people rejected Him - and today people still reject Him - and search for other answers - to questions that will never be answered without Him. Although He was saddened when people rejected His Gospel - He still extended Himself to everyone who needed Him - He cannot deny Himself - nor will He deny you - if you only ask.

Deacon Dale