Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Superheros have been with the American public since the year 1917 according to Mirriam Webster's Dictionary. It was not until 1938 that the public was first exposed to possibly the most famous superhero - Superman.  Then followed Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and the whole crew of characters who possessed supernatural powers - super vision - super hearing - super strength - the ability to fly.  One common trait among all superheros was the fact that they helped the common people - to defend them and protect them - from disasters and evil characters.  Some superheros - like Batman and the Green Lantern - did not posses any of the super powers - but were able to use technology and magical tools to enable them to fight crime similar to the true superheros.  Often these not so super heros were described as "costumed crime fighters".  Growing up as children - most of us imagined ourselves as possessing similar super powers - always for good never for evil.  It is admirable that as children our first inclination was to do good - not for ourselves - but for others.  Today many sports figures are viewed as super men and women - ordinary people who have been able to accomplish extra ordinary events.  Michael Jordan and Billie Jean King are among those famous men and women who have soared above others.  The value of modern superheros as role models cannot be denied.  Many a young person has excelled in their own lives because of the superhero - and have become positive role models themselves for others - as they have grown into adults.  The world needs superheros - we all need positive role models.
At the beginning of Jesus' public ministry - one of the first things He did was to go to His cousin John who was baptizing people and asked John to baptize Him.  At first John refused - stating that it was Jesus who should be baptizing John - but Jesus would not hear of that.  He knew what He was doing - He needed John to baptize Him - as a sign of submission to His Heavenly Father - as a sign of willingness to do what He would later ask others to do.  By submitting Himself - Jesus showed His disciples and us - the way to salvation.  By humbling Himself - He became the first true superhero.  One who would fight for the lives of those entrusted to Him by His Father - One who would use His skills to lead others to the waters of regeneration - One who would become the best role model anyone could ever hope for.  He truly lived and died for each and every one of us - He truly defended us against the Evil one - He died that we might have life and live it to the fullest.

Deacon Dale