Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today we began the estate sale I mentioned in a previous post - it was interesting - to say the least.  I enjoy meeting different people - observing how they act and react. At an estate sale   everything is priced to move - no desire to hold onto things that never belonged to you - goal to dispose of assets and clear the property - so everything priced very low. Even that being done - almost everyone wanted to barter. In this country there are very few places left for anyone to actually try bartering.  It is like a game - with money the playing pieces.  In Europe - in many countries - bartering is a way of life - and an insult to the seller if you don't want to play the game.  Everyone loves getting a good deal - or at least thinking they got one. So at the estate sale we bartered on everything - when neither party would budge on the price - an incentive was offered - a free item. - a promise to return and buy more.  On the selling end - we felt good letting people walk away with a good deal - the buyers all left with smiles and handshakes - a good day to barter and get some bargains.


With Jesus there is no need to barter - to try for a bargain.  Everything He has to give - love - forgiveness - understanding - healing - His Holy Spirit - salvation - is free!   Now that is a bargain!

Deacon Dale