Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Estate Sale

A friend of ours was born to eternal life a few weeks ago - now we are helping clear his house and get ready for an "estate sale".  In this process we are learning how much stuff people can collect over the years.  Some 40 bags of clothing was donated to charity - 40 bags for one person - many of them never worn?  I have half of one closet and a dresser - maybe my stuff could fill 4 bags?  I wonder what I am missing out on - maybe that is why I never can find anything to wear - yet - I do have enough - or so it seems.  Clothing is not the only thing our friend had in excess - collectibles - comforters - dishes - tools - a lot of stuff that he has no use for anymore.  My wife and I are in the process of decluttering our home - disposing of "things" that our children will not want or need.  When our time comes to be born to eternal life - our hope is that we do not leave our family with an eternal mess.  Sweet and clean and easy - if that were only possible.

When Jesus was preparing his disciples for His ascension - they were fearful of being abandoned - being left with nothing. Although He had no earthly possessions to leave - He did leave them the gift of the Holy Spirit - The Advocate - the One who would teach and help them in His absence.  Jesus did not need an "estate sale" when He left - but He did leave all of us the greatest inheritance we could ever receive - His Holy Spirit.

Deacon Dale