Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Its here - it's here - that wonderful time of year - or so the song says. Yes it is finally spring - the days are starting to get longer with more daylight - warmer weather - and spring cleaning! Now is the time to work outdoors on the good days and indoors on the rainy. Picking up fallen branches - cleaning the flower beds - planting new plants - fertilizing - moving things around - time to clean behind the refrigerator - rearrange the closets - bring out the summer clothes and store away the winter ones - an annual task looked forward to by many - dreaded by others. It is a labor of love for most - everyone loves better weather - getting out of the confines of the house and being outside in the fresh air and sun. The sun warms us - makes us feel more alive - like the plants - we too need sunshine - more sun on our skin means more vitamin D production by our bodies - our melanin granules are stimulated and we start the tanning process - our eyes learn to adjust to the brightness of the sun and most of us - feel more alive. Cleaning the inside of our homes - moving furniture - applying a fresh coat of paint and similar activities - brings new life to dreariness - endured during the winter.

As we go through our spring cleaning rituals - we need to also look at the interior of our souls - what have we allowed to clutter up our spiritual houses - have our hearts become stony and dark - do we need a new influx of the Holy Spirit in our lives to bring joy and peace to ourselves - are we more alive this spring than last - have we experienced Easter with true peace - are we comfortable in our own skin.  Jesus is here - arms opened wide - waiting to help you cleanse your soul - He is the Son - that lightens up your life. As you work around your house - allow Jesus to work in your heart - that your spring cleaning may be complete.

Deacon Dale