Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Progress is defined as advancing towards a goal - growth in a positive direction - movement - steady improvement. When we start a project we seek progress - signs that something has been done - is being done to accomplish the goal laid before us. We plan - we research - we recruit - we devise - we scheme - none showing positive action - until finally - something is put down on paper - until a plan is created - until volunteers and team members are recruited and assigned. Once a team is firmly established - progress begins to move forward - at faster paces. Most projects take far too long in the planning stages - even longer in the implementation stage. Most projects tend to run longer than planned - over budget - under funded - missing critical deadlines. It takes one individual with vision - energy - determination - to see any project - successfully brought in - on time and on budget. 

Spiritual progress in an individual's life takes even longer than ordinary projects. Although a seemingly simple task - projects dealing with the spiritual side of a person are among the most complex and confusing imaginable. Unforeseen obstacles lurk around almost every corner - past events seem to destine future growth to a stand still.  Yet - if one is truly faithful - if one dares to place even this - into the hands of Jesus - growth will happen. If your spiritual growth has come to a halt - is not where you want it to be - give it over to Jesus - He alone will make things happen -in a positive way.

Deacon Dale