Monday, May 27, 2013


The word trinity describes anything that is a combination of three parts. Three friends form a fellowship of three - a trinity of likes - yet different from each other.  A combination of three vehicles form a trinity - yet one may be a truck - convertible - coupe. Other trinities might be three identical object or persons - more commonly called a threesome.  Although there are three of each - there is nothing special about a group of three.
The Holy Trinity - on the other hand is quite unique.  The Christian doctrine of the Trinity defines God as three divine persons - the Father - the Son - the Holy Spirit - One God in three persons. The three persons are distinct - yet one - substance - essence - nature.  The Trinity is considered to be a Mystery - unable to be understood. . Each person is God - whole and entire - distinct from one another in their relations of origin - the Father who generates - the Son who is begotten - the Holy Spirit who proceeds - distinct in their relations with one another - they are one in all else.  It was the Holy Trinity that we honored this past Sunday - a reality - a mystery. Each day we acknowledge the Trinity as we begin and end our prayers - in this One Holy Trinity - we live our lives as commited Christians.

Deacon Dale