Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Counting Down

Rocket launches - wedding dates - arrival of a new baby - starting a new venture - job - changing careers - all share that countdown until you actually begin.  Justly then we countdown the hours now until the official celebration of Christmas begins -  awaiting that time when we commemorate that moment in time when Heaven touched the Earth - when God was born among us - Emmanuel - the Christ Child.  Very soon - early this afternoon - into the early - late evening -  celebrations around the world - celebrating that moment.  As moments in time that need to be celebrated - this is that one moment that rises above all others.

Just the thought that God - all powerful - almighty - would lower Himself - to become one of us.  Thinking about it - causes a mountain of emotions to rise up inside - to a point that one must explode - in tears of joy - happiness.  It has already happened - but every year since -  that same emotion - catches most of us in the magic of that moment. Angels bending near to touch the Earth with their music - announcing - that Jesus Christ is born.

Deacon Dale