Sunday, December 8, 2019

Second Verse Same As The First

The Second Sunday of Advent - same drum - same drummer - the story has not changed.  For the second Sunday we have been reminded that we need to be ready - awake - for none of us know the day - hour - when Christ will come again.  The time to be prepared has passed - it is basically now or never.  We have been called - that celestial bus is on the way to pick us up - the route has been cleared - the roadblocks have been removed - time to shower and clean up has passed.  Time to stand at the door and wait for His knock.  John the Baptist has warned us - over and over again - prepare the way of the Lord.  Unfortunately too many have closed their eyes - ears to the words of warning.
For those who have listened - redemption - for  those who have ignored the message - not heard the words - a dangerous place to be.  The reality - that bus may not come for years - or it might come today - bottom line - none of us know.  We pray for ourselves - for others - for family - friends - that they will have time yet - to prepare themselves.  For us - best to worry about our own lives - trust in God that He will - in His Divine Mercy - grant the rest the time needed for themselves.   

Deacon Dale