Sunday, December 22, 2019

May The Fourth Be With You

Yes it is here - the Fourth Sunday of Advent.  What seemed like ages ago - here already - lighting the fourth candle on the Advent wreath - this fairly short fourth week of Advent - ending quickly this Wednesday - as we celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child - Celebration of Christmas.  However - as liturgical seasons come and go - we should always be in a state of preparedness - waiting - for Jesus' Second Coming. We have been told over and over than nobody knows the day or the hour.  He might come again in the Fall - Winter - Spring - Summer - really any time of the year - definitely - the day we breathe our last breath.  No matter what we are enduring - celebrating - coping with - He may come.  Knock Knock - it's Jesus.

Time and again Jesus reminds us the He loves us - His Father loves us - Both - forgive - want to heal - always seeking to make us whole - if only we let Him. It is never too late to stop and review your individual life - what you have done - what you are doing - what needs correcting - made better. Most people - in good condition - minor improvements necessary. No matter where you stand exactly - you are in a good place - making changes very easy - if you only invite Jesus into your heart - let Him work in you.  Giving up - in this case - one of the best things you can do - let go - let God.

Deacon Dale