Sunday, December 15, 2019

Not My Monkey

Not my monkey - not my circus - same as - not my rodeo - not my bull. The Third Sunday of Advent - too many people not engaged in Advent - even at this point.  For two weeks now we have been trying to focus on our lives - what we have done - what we have to do - to be better prepared for that day when the Lord will come again - end times.  Advent is a Season of Waiting - so no surprise that so many are doing exactly that - waiting. Waiting to start - waiting to make changes - waiting to improve - doubtful that the end is near.  No one knows when that day or hour will come - eventually - through the course of natural events - the end of the world - all of us will experience a point in time when our life will end. Being prepared for that end - fully engaged - making changes - not my monkey - not my circus - your concern - not mine.

The end has been prophesied so many times - no one cares anymore.  Certain dates - come and gone - nothing happened.  I dare say that in between those prophesies - many people have died - left this earth - for what?  Heaven?  Hell?  Nobody knows for sure - we can only hope.  To that point Advent is really a Season of Hope - Hope that God is real - that Jesus really is God - that God - Jesus loves us - forgives us - heals us - leads us - to an eternal existence of future joy - peace. In Advent we wait and hope - nothing more - nothing less - it is - our monkey.

Deacon Dale