Saturday, February 27, 2021

El Camino - The Way #11

Star Trek - To go where no man has gone before - Fortunately - unlike the TV series - many who walk the Camino de Santiago have traveled previously in foreign countries - experienced back packing in the wild. To travel - far from home - means you move out of your comfort zone - have an adventurous spirit - willing to step into the unknown - willing to risk - in order to gain.  If you have not already begun your Lenten journey - today is your starting day - today you took that first step - you picked up your Bible - opened to page one of that book you selected to start reading - opened the pamphlet you got on how to pray the Rosary - Divine Mercy Chaplet - said your first prayer - asked Jesus to bless whatever you decided to do. Although we had been doing international travel for the previous fourteen years - we had never done any serious backpacking - not counting an overnight camping trip with the kids.  For us to walk into the airport in Chicago with only a small back pack with all our needs - small enough to qualify for a carry on - holding less than a dozen items to wear for the next five weeks - two hundred dollars in cash - along with our passports - ID cards and two credit/debit cards - took guts. Being in our late 60's - no contacts in Spain - the closest contacts back home in Illinois - was a bit scary - but we knew we had each other - Jesus - His Angels - walking with us.

Our Camino Angels

As all of us walk our Lenten journey - no matter how well it goes - doesn't go - no matter what road blocks we end up facing - we know we will endure - we will progress forward - even in times when we come to a sudden halt - we will continue on.  Jesus walks with everyone of us - His angels constantly at our sides - walking with us - before us making clear our path - that our journey during these 40 days will be constantly blessed.  

Deacon Dale