Friday, February 26, 2021

El Camino - The Way #10

Once we had experienced El Camino de los Santos - walking from St Patrick Church in Yorkville to The Shrine of Saint Mary in Plano and back to the site of the future Shrine of Saint Giana at Saint Patrick - we noticed a few things that pointed to possible issues that we would face once in Spain.  A positive point - the trail in Spain was a thousand years old - well established - the majority kept pilgrims on paths safely away from traffic - our path in Illinois was a first time effort that required us walking over virgin soil - sometimes on the edge of country roads - too close to traffic for comfort.  Luckily the time we walked on the edge of roads was minimal - it is good to note that in the last eight years a permanent cycling - walking path has been constructed between the two towns - walking today - much safer.  When we walked in 2013 there was basically no amenities available - today the new path follows safely to the side of State Route 34 - now with food and restrooms easily available.  In Spain - on the Camino Francis portion of The Camino - very highly developed with food - restrooms - pilgrim hostels in abundance.  This short Camino taught us the value of maintaining a steady pace - not too slow - not too fast.  We had already determined it best to stick to a 2 1/2 to 3 miles per hour pace - steady enough not to become boring - not too fast to tire ourselves out. 

Following Arlene's Red Pack 

Once a path is selected - the journey begins - now almost a week into Lent - plans should have been finalized - if not started - this would be a good time. Ten days into Lent - 30 days remaining - still plenty of time to experience a fruitful Lenten journey.  Just as we did in Spain - begin with a prayer - pick up your pack - start your journey.  As you continue - pray constantly - in all you do - pray - never stop praying - your journey will bear much fruit.

Deacon Dale