Tuesday, February 23, 2021

El Camino - The Way #7

In our research preparing to walk the 500 mile Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain we read frequently about pilgrims who had done exactly what we were doing regarding research - testing - returning - selecting various equipment to ensure that their pilgrimage would go without any issues - carrying a single back pack with only the essentials - weighing each item - selecting those that weighed the least - making sure that we would achieve the recommend weight for ultra lightweight back packing.  This pack - would be home for the duration of our pilgrimage.  All well and good until you arrived in Spain - only to find that your baggage - your single back pack was lost!  What to do - sit around - wait - to see if it was found - go shopping in Spain - hoping to find someplace to replace your carefully selected list of items?  Some waited - others with limited time to walk - gave in and spent extra money so they could start walking as soon as possible.  The alternate option - use carry on only - thus limiting the size and weight of your pack and ensuring that all you needed never left your eyesight.  As seen in the photo below everything pictured fit into our back packs. Arlene used a 28 Liter pack and I used a 32 Liter pack - 4 pods each - consisting of a sleeping sack - clothing sack - rain gear - miscellaneous items - hiking shoes - sandals for evening - trekking poles - sun hat - guide book - pilgrim passport. 

Camino Gear X Two 

Jesus had to be one of the early ultra lightweight trekkers - wearing a single robe - a pair of sandals and a walking staff - carrying only some water and enough food to get Him to His next destination. To walk far - carry less.  As we walk our Lenten journey we are well advised to follow that same rule - to go far - carry less.  Your Lenten journey does not have to be complex - you do not have to accomplish every spiritual observation available.  Bible - prayer book(s) - Rosary - video clips - time in Adoration - Holy Hour - all - some - none - all ok.  Remember the goal - improving your spiritual life - growing closer to Jesus - His Father.  In time - with God - all things are possible.

Deacon Dale