Monday, February 22, 2021

El Camino - The Way #6

There are a lot of aspects to preparing for any pilgrimage - the research - acquiring various supplies - making lists - like Santa Claus - checking it twice - crossing all the T's - dotting all the I's.  Once you leave home - get to the airport - board the plane - too late to realize you forgot something.  Because of  this we bought equipment - took it home - tested it - returned if not up to our expectations.  For my hiking shoes - tried six different pairs - even then - final selection was off just enough that I had to cope with blisters.  Can't walk far with blisters - until you are forced to do just that.  After thirty minutes or so you forget you have a blister - you walk on for another eight hours - then you cope.  So this Lent you jumped in and got started on your journey - only to realize you forgot something - a minor point - until you remembered - then that minor point became a major point.  At this time we just celebrated the First Sunday of Lent - so as mentioned before - we are at an early stage of this journey - what we forgot - can still be added in - this journey of ours is fluid - open to change - open to sudden halts - open to God's voice when we take the time to listen.

When Jesus wanted to listen to His Father - went into the desert - away from the crowds - off by Himself. As we walk our journey today - we need to be open to making unplanned changes in our itinerary.  As long as we focus on our eventual goal - no harm in making changes in our plans - taking a turn here or there - not an issue as long as we keep our eventual goal in mind. Jesus was open to changes in His plans - we should be no different. Didn't read as much as you planned - say a quick impromptu prayer - a Hail Mary - Glory Be - Our Father - then stop for the day.  Tomorrow will come again - it always does.

Deacon Dale