Sunday, February 7, 2021


In today's first reading from JOB 7:1-4,6-7 we are told life is a drudgery - a long - never ending chore - a job.  Interestingly JOB also translates as job - something to be done - a task to perform.  As we read further - we come to realize  that none of us really knows the mind of God - what He asks of us - what He can do for us.  Once we begin to understand - grasp His power - the extent of His love - ability to walk with us in our lives - then and only then - can we even begin to comprehend His expansiveness.  None of us will ever truly know the mind of God.

Accepting Jesus as God the Son of God - understanding His ministry to us - helps draw us closer to God - who He is - our relationship to Him. Through prayer - worship - becoming an active disciple of Jesus - helps us to create a connection to God.  Staying connected to Him gives us the strength to continue our journey as a productive disciple of His.

Deacon Dale