Friday, August 31, 2012


This summer I have been wearing sandals a lot more than I normally would. Being almost barefoot has its benefits. I know some people like to wear socks with their sandals - I prefer the barefoot experience - I do not like the pebble experience.  You know - how every so often from out of nowhere a pebble decides to jump inside your sandal - usually under the ball of your foot - does not feel very good - frequently actually painful - thankfully it is a simple procedure to stop and remove the offending stone.  While I was in Israel - I wore sandals all the time - frequently I picked up a pebble - here in the Mid-west or Israel did not make one difference.  
I am sure that Jesus and his disciples had to contend with the same issue of pebbles in their sandals - it had to be a normal part of life - wearing sandals and walking in the desert with sand and pebbles.  When I think of pebbles my thoughts automatically go towards rocks - that brings me to Saint Peter - the Rock upon which Jesus promised to build his church.  Even though Peter was not perfect - put his foot in his mouth on more than one occasion - it gives me hope - it gives you hope - that God will be as gentle with us as He was with Peter.

Deacon Dale