Friday, December 14, 2012


Anger - as defined by Wikipedia - is an emotion related to one's psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged or denied and a tendency to react through retaliation. The key word here is - emotion - which is a subjective and conscious experience - in which an individual is called to make a decision in how to process that emotion - and if and how to respond to it. Many people handle anger very well - processing their anger and working though it in a non violent manner. Others - unfortunately - have a lower capacity to process anger - thereby coping with their anger in violent and retaliatory ways. Many times those who respond poorly to anger end up hurting - not only those who become a target of their anger - but themselves as well. Those who go on a rampage and injure numerous individuals quite often end that rampage by injuring  themselves. When it involves death - questions go unanswered - speculation remains. Everyone experiences many emotions throughout the average day - each emotional experience demands a response - quite often no action or reaction - is the best response. It is never proper to blame anyone but yourself for whatever your response is - positive - negative or otherwise. You are responsible and accountable for your reaction - it is your emotion - your decision - your reaction.
When Jesus became upset with the buyers and sellers in the temple area ( Mark 11:15 )  He drove them out and upset their tables - responding to His emotion that they were doing something unacceptable to Him and offensive to God. His reaction could be considered drastic by some - mild by others - but it was His decision and as such He was responsible for His action. It is noteworthy - although He scattered them and upset tables - He did not harm them personally. He did not make a judgement on what they were doing - rather - where they were doing it. It was His decision to make a statement about the sanctity of the Temple - how to reverently treat space reserved for Worship. Today Jesus reminds us that the entire world is sacred to God - that special places are designed for the buyers and sellers - as well as places for adoration and worship. Each of us is called to honor those special places - to respect them - invest our time in them. We are called as His disciples to cope and process our anger in nonviolent ways - to pray before we act - to seek His guidance in all we do. 

Deacon Dale