Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Bonus

A Christmas bonus is almost a thing of the past. Years ago - most employers - gave special gifts to their employees at Christmas time - as a way to say thank you for a job well done. Many people lived and planned their lives - based on that annual gift. Some planned vacations - others special large purchases - based on the expectation of the bonus. In today's economy - the annual bonus - for many - has disappeared.  It is with pleasure that DeaconTravel Ministries - announces two special bonuses - for their 2013 Year of Faith Spiritual Journeys.  Two trips are scheduled for 2013 - one to Poland - one to Italy. For those who can make an early commitment - there is a special discount of $250 per person. This discount is time sensitive - so acting sooner - rather than later is imperative.  More information on these two trips is available on the DeaconTravel website. 
When the Shepherds saw the star in the sky - the night Jesus was born - it not only gave a special brightness to the night - but it was the sign of a special Christmas bonus. For it was to them - to us - that Jesus was revealed to the world. Jesus is God's gift to the world - a Christmas bonus - that is freely offered to all who believe in the One True God.  A Christmas bonus that is offered every day of our lives - offered to anyone who is willing - to accept His Gift.

Deacon Dale