Friday, December 21, 2012


Tags are very useful objects - they identify - explain - clarify information. Probably the most common tag that most of us use on a daily basis is the tag on the clothing and garments we use. They identify the size - how to wash - fabric content - how to provide proper care. As useful as they might be there is one common characteristic that most people do not like - they scratch - itch - cause discomfort. When a new "tagless" procedure was developed to provide the same information - without the discomfort - it was adopted-  almost immediately by garment manufacturers - to our pleasure. 
In society many people are tagged with labels  they do not deserve - labels that demean - ridicule - embarrass.  Classmates often call others - nerds - geeks - fatso - jock. Adults label each other by similar physical - intellectual - political - religious labels. To label another individual is to ignore that person as a whole and complete person - labeling them with one characteristic which cannot reflect the true person. Jesus calls us to be accepting just as He was - ignoring individual peculiarities - focusing on the complete person. He sees us as we are - as people complete in His eyes - He asks that we do no less - to forget the labels we place on each other - to go tagless.

Deacon Dale