Thursday, December 6, 2012


Crash - the sound of one automobile colliding with another - the sound of dishes cascading off the serving cart onto the floor - the draperies falling to the floor as the cat climbs for higher ground - or no sound at all. A crash that makes no sound is one of the worst events one can experience - especially when it involves a computer hard drive. Yes - my friends - my computer crashed the other day - a day I will remember for some time. I do not keep critical information on my computer - in fact - I can hardly remember what was on the computer at all. E-mail addresses - miscellaneous files I was saving for a rainy day - bit and pieces of wisdom gathered from here and there - all gone. Oh yes - I made an occasional backup - but not often enough and not frequently enough.
Jesus did not have to cope with computer issues in His day. He faced the real issues - life and death - salvation and redemption - acceptance and rejection. His issues were major ones that involved not Him but those who He came to save. His were real concerns - His were those that had to do with the eternal life of each of us. Even today Jesus comes to us in our hours of need - no crashes as far as Jesus is concerned. He is always on line - always available. **One note - if Jesus did use a computer he would never be bothered by a computer crash - are you ready - because Jesus saves!

Deacon Dale