Tuesday, December 25, 2012

He Reigns

Santa has to be one of the most popular personalities at this time of year - no matter what else is in the news - Santa reigns supreme. And why not - he is a jolly old elf that brings smiles and joy to so many people. It is not only children who derive so much happiness from Santa - but adults as well. Across the nation thousands of people dress up and play Santa for almost anyone and any group. From little toddlers to seniors - from school children to people in hospitals and nursing homes. It is the one time of year when people expect to be happy - whether for themselves or for others. People are more patient - more charitable - more forgiving. Everyone wishes that Christmas would last all year and along with it - the changed attitude among people - the new found politeness and kindness. 
Jesus is the reason for  the Season - Jesus is the reason for Santa - Jesus is the reason for the changed attitudes - and He is with us all year. Why is it more noticeable during the Christmas Season than at other times of the year - one wonders. Surely we cannot forget - the greatest Gift of all - God's gift to mankind of His Son. Perhaps the answer lies in the task that Jesus had to do before He rejoined His Father - perhaps it is the constant reminder that - although we view Jesus as the innocent little babe today - tomorrow we have to remember that He was also the innocent sacrifice - the One who died for our sins - the One who offers us the gift of salvation. Today and tomorrow Jesus reigns as the only true One.

Deacon Dale