Saturday, December 29, 2012


To recap means to recapitulate - to repeat in concise form - to restate - to make a summary - to place a cap back on. It is typically at this time of year - at year's end - that many sources will recap the events of the year - looking at where we have been - what we have done - where we are going - to summarize and finalize the current year's events - to mark as final and cap off that year. This process has value to all of us and most everyone will experience this recapping process in many different ways in their lives. Public events - work situations - personal accounting of one's life. To review the past helps us to rediscover the good and bad - the successes and failures - to give us good footing as we venture forth into a new and exciting year. Knowing what to avoid and what to continue - helps us set our aims at new and better goals and improves our chances of success. We begin with anticipation of better things to come.
When we do an annual assessment of our lives - we need to also assess our spiritual lives. Each of us has a spiritual aspect to our lives - whether we acknowledge it or not. Your spiritual life might be zero - completely void - or - completely filled up - satisfying. Wherever you stand - at the moment - is exactly where God wants you to be. In that moment - in that place - in that time - God wants you to experience that emptiness - that fullness - with or without Him. When it is time for you to change - to grow - to experience new things - He will move you - He will call you - He will reveal to you - He will touch you - to cause that change. In the meantime settle for an annual recap - and pray "Come Lord Jesus - Come".

Deacon Dale