Tuesday, December 11, 2012


A prank is a mischievous trick or joke especially in which something is done rather than said.  It is a popular form of trickery - the key to the prank is the surprise to the victim when the prank is revealed. Most pranks are innocent - friendly teasing among friends and family. Some pranks - however - become very involved - and border on audacious or even mean spirited. These over-the-top pranks seem to be designed more to embarrass or ridicule someone. In these mean spirited pranks - the victim honestly feels like a victim - the only ones laughing are those who perpetrated the prank. Many pranks are done on the spur of the moment and not well thought out - causing the prank to fail or even backfire. In certain instances - those involved in designing the prank do not think it out enough to consider the consequences - if there will be any repercussion and to what extent and to who will be affected. Recently two Australian radio DJs pulled a prank on two nurses at King Edward VII's Hospital in London.  Their intent was not mean spirited - they simply wanted to see if they could fool the hospital staff into letting them talk to Kate - The Duchess of Cambridge - who was experiencing morning sickness. They were surprised that although they did not speak with the Duchess - information was revealed about her condition. When the prank was revealed - the first nurse - who received the call initially - felt so bad that she had been duped and thus allowed the DJs to talk with another nurse who gave out the information - committed suicide. The public and the DJs were shocked  that what they thought was an innocent and harmless prank led to the death of another person.
Very often we forget that our actions and reactions may have consequences far beyond anything that we might have conceived. Jesus knew what He was doing as He traveled through the Holy Land - proclaiming God's message of love and reconciliation. He knew - in His travels - at the Last Supper - hanging on The Cross - that His message would endure for all ages. We - on the other hand - need to realize that as His modern day disciples may have that same effect on the people we meet - the people who observe our actions - the people who hear about us through others. In our lives - what we say - what we do - how we react - speaks volumes about us - our faith - our God. Each of us needs to remember - that we may be the only Christ that some people will ever know.

Deacon Dale