Monday, March 11, 2013

Dem Bones

Dem Bones - Dry Bones - Dem Dry Bones - is a popular spiritual song - the melody composed by African - American author and songwriter James Weldone Johnson. Over the years it has been recorded by numerous artists.  It was inspired by Holy Scripture from Ezekiel 37:1-14 in which the Lord proclaims that he will reassemble and bring life back into the valley of dry bones. Bones play an important part in Christian history - bone of my bone - flesh of my flesh - it connects us to our ancestors - to those Christians who lived before us - to saint and sinner alike. It is a physical connection which reminds us of the spiritual connection.  Today I had the honor to be present at the viewing of a tibia bone from Saint Mary Magdalene. As far as anyone knows it is the genuine bone - a bone from a person who was one of Jesus' closest friends. Watching the hundreds of people who attended Holy Mass and who came during the day to see and venerate this very special relic was inspiring. 
That is exactly what Jesus tried to do while He was alive - inspire people - inspire them to faith - inspire them to conversion - inspire them to action. It is awesome - that Saint Mary Magdalene -  one of His closest disciples does that - today - in our lifetime - inspires us - to live out our own lives of discipleship - inspiring others.

Deacon Dale