Thursday, March 14, 2013


A smile is possibly one of the best communication tools - among humans - it is an expression denoting pleasure - happiness - amusement. Smiling is understood by everyone - despite culture - race - religion - it is internationally known.  Smiling is a means of communication - throughout the world - no words needed. There are different types of smiles - genuine - fake - Duchenne - Pan-Am. Different muscles are involved in the different smiles - one muscle raises the corners of the mouth while another raises the cheeks and forms a crow's feet around the eyes. Recent research indicates that a smile which involves the cheek muscle and forms the crow's feet shows positive emotion. The Pan-Am smile - originally perfected by flight attendants - was a fake smile - formed as a matter of obligation - which only involved the muscles of the mouth - sort of a matter of fact - oh yes, I have to smile at you - kind of smile. Smiles sometimes reflect anxiety - having been suddenly placed into an awkward situation.
The smile seen on Pope Frances' face as seen above - reflects a smile of positive emotion - combining the anxiety of just being selected as the new Pope - with the pleasure of seeing the thousands upon thousands of faithful awaiting his presentation in Vatican square. It is his smile - his record of humble service - his austere lifestyle - that gives the peoples of the world - true joy and hope as Pope Francis I prepares for the future as the new Vicar of Christ. Viva il Papa!

Deacon Dale