Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Week

Holy Week officially began with Palm Sunday. Now three days into this special week preparations are being made around the world for all the special activities that will take place in churches of all denominations. Training sessions - reviewing liturgies - cleaning vestments - checking communion supplies - making sure the welcome mat is out - all occupy the minds of those responsible for making Holy Week a special experience for all worshipers - the regulars as well as the casual. Of course there will be glitches - copy machines that run out of toner - who forgot to order more - paper supplies that are not available - last minute runs to pick up forgotten supplies - a thousand things to do - just to make sure  the holy house is in order for the guests that will visit. Challenging and exhilarating all at the same time - all done to make sure that this Easter - this special Easter is better than the last. 
God must have one grand ole time watching all our activities - all our busy activities - all our concerns - about perfection.  In reality - all He asks - is a pure heart - a loving heart - a heart accepting all. He doesn't care about things like how new - or how shiny - or how many. No - He cares only about one thing - Your Heart.  Is it in the right place - have you opened it up to all the possibilities He has provided for you - have you allowed old hurts to be healed - have you created room for His love - for others - for those who challenge you - for yourself?

Deacon Dale