Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The word retreat means to draw back - to move away from the present action - to go to a quiet place - away from the action. When battles are being lost - soldiers will retreat - to take the time to gather themselves - their thoughts - to asses the current situation - before moving forward. In the Church we often "go on retreat" - similar to the action of a soldier - to do exactly the same thing. We pull away from the hustle and confusion and business of our lives - to reassess - to evaluate - to investigate - where we have been - where we are going.  It is a special time - to be alone - with ourselves - with our thoughts - with our God. In the quiet - in the stillness - we re-imagine ourselves - our lives - our priorities. Armed with new information - our path to follow - once again becomes clear.
Jesus retreated into the desert where he prayed for 40 days and nights. In the isolation of the desert - he was tempted - challenged. He reviewed what He had accomplished - looked at the task ahead of Him. Refreshed - He re-engaged His mission - went forward to preach - to teach - to love - to forgive - to embrace the cross.

Deacon Dale