Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Preparation is the action of making ready - anticipating a future event - being ready for that which is anticipated.  Each day of our lives we go through various rituals of preparation. We run the water to allow it to warm up before we enter the shower - we fill the water reservoir prior to starting the coffee pot - we gather dishes and bowls in anticipation of eating - we sit quietly with folded hands waiting for prayer.  Every action we plan to execute requires a step prior to that action - a period of preparing for that which is to commence. 
As we anticipate the coming of Holy Week and the celebration of Easter - we prepare oursleves - to be properly disposed - to be attentive to God working in our lives - to make ready for He who is to come again. We fast - we pray - we meditate - we sit in adoration - we wonder - we hope - that our time of preparation is enough - enough to fill us - to guide us - enough to sustain us in all our efforts.  As we continue our Lenten preparation - Jesus continues His - waiting for each of us to accept Him as Lord and Savior. 

Deacon Dale