Friday, March 8, 2013

Relic Travels to Yorkville

Relics are body parts of saints or those venerated as potential saints or very holy people.  The word relic come from the Latin reliquiae meaning "remains".  In Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Shamanism and other religions - relics are objects - perhaps a bone chip - from the body of the saint - which is placed on display and reverenced by the faithful.  This Monday - March 11, 2013 - at St. Patrick Parish - in Yorkville, Illinois - a first class relic of Saint Mary Magdalene is being brought to the parish.  The entrance procession will begin at 7:45 am with Holy Mass to immediately follow.  Other activities are scheduled during the day - allowing the faithful time to come during the day to see - pray - reverence - the relic.  Unlike most relics which are very small - this particular relic is quite big - easily seen.
God has allowed for these relics to be obtainable - for those of us - who like doubting Thomas - need visible evidence of His presence in the world.  By viewing these bones and chips of the holy men and women who have lived before us - we are drawn closer to each other - closer to God.  If you are in the Yorkville area - feel free to stop by the parish and spend a few minutes this Monday with one of God's special people.

Deacon Dale