Friday, January 24, 2014

And This Too Shall Pass....

I am referring to the bitter cold that we have been experiencing lately - I am not a fan of bitter cold.  Normal cold - above freezing is tolerable - even temperatures in the twenties - are tolerable - below zero - that is another story.  Now that I am older - some say ancient - the cold has an unfavorable affect on me.  It makes me want to do my imitation of a bear - hibernate - stay under the covers - snuggled warmly in bed. Unfortunately - life cannot be lived under twelve inches of sheets - comforters - blankets.  Life is for the living - the living move and breathe - walk - wander - exercise - accomplish - socialize - think - dream - much more than just exist.  I do not want to simply exist - I need to live - to be active.  I need to "be" - to "do" - to "live".

As spiritual beings - our spiritual lives need to be "lived" just as much as our physical and intellectual lives do.  We cannot let our relationship with God go into hibernation - dormant - bearing no fruit.  Spiritually - we need to be pro-active as with every other part of our lives - we must be thinking - meditating - praying - following Jesus. To be healthy spiritually - one must make a conscious effort to do spiritual exercises - to keep that part of our life healthy and strong.  The best part - it can be done in any type of weather! Jesus is waiting - just like your personal trainer - waiting for you to take that first step - even in below zero temperatures!

Deacon Dale