Monday, January 27, 2014

Fighting the Battle

Today - this month - in the Mid-West - the battle has been with the very low temperatures. It has become all too routine to see temperatures at -4°F to -18°F  (-20°C to -28°C) - which has kept many people at home where they may stay warm.  To make matters worse - the media now reports wind chill factors that makes these temperatures seem even worse.  Funny - when I was a youngster - I do not remember wind chill factors - cold was simply cold - you bundled up in layers and went outside to play anyway. Common sense tells us that coping with extreme temperatures is about using available heating and cooling (we should be so lucky) devices to keep us comfortable. Adding or removing clothing - layering - fabric content - all work together to help us accomplish that goal. With a little common sense (it is not rocket science) all of us can be kept comfortable in any type of temperature.

Fighting other battles is similar and does not require a doctorate degree from a university to empower us to cope.  Spiritual battles are being fought daily by all of us. We are constantly under attack by evil forces in the world.  Not everyone believes that these exist - when you hear about grown men who burn a three year old child to death because the grandfather failed to pay off a debt - what more proof is needed? Unfortunately the media is filled with similar reports of humans committing similar despicable deeds against fellow humans - evil is real - Satan is real - his followers are real. For those of us who believe - we need to constantly be on guard against attacks from Satan and the forces of evil. We must put on our battle gear - arm ourselves against those attacks - strengthen ourselves through prayer - patience - understanding - compassion - forgiveness. If we can become listeners instead of shouters - if we can raise our hands in prayer and praise without holding swords of evil - if we put on Christ as our garment of protection - we will win those battles against evil. We have to trust in Jesus - our Saviour - our Leader - follow in His ways - be an active disciple - spreading hope - not fear - and we will be victorious in the greatest battle we will ever face.  With God all things are possible!

Deacon Dale