Sunday, January 5, 2014


BAM! That is how epiphany happens. It may develop over a period of time - or in an instant. One moment there is nothing - then - manifestation - realization - awareness - a God moment - Divine revelation.  Events happen in a progressive order - beginning - development - implementation - comprehension - appreciation.  God is the one who starts the ball rolling - we become involved - experience revelation - appreciate the experience - are changed. 
God's revelation to the world - multiple epiphany events -  to the shepherds in the field -  the visit of the Magi  - the miracle at Cana - Jesus' baptism in the Jordan by John - His resurrection - His appearance to the disciples in the upper room - to the two on the road to Emmaus - all Divine revelation.  Moments to reveal God's presence in human lives - in our lives. In today's celebration of the Epiphany - when the Magi presented gifts to the baby - we celebrate with joy - the most awesome gift of Jesus to us - His love - His compassion - His forgiveness - His acceptance - His very gift of life.  We rejoice in Jesus as GIFT - we ponder ourselves as GIFT to Jesus. He - the Saviour of the world offers each of us hope.  As Christ's modern disciples - we are called to be Christ like - to reflect His love - to offer ourselves to each other - to offer His hope.

Merry Christmas - the 12th Day of Christmas
Deacon Dale