Saturday, January 25, 2014

Half Done

Half baked - half done - accomplishes nothing.  When planning any project there are certain steps that need to be followed to guarantee success - planning - designing - creating - implementing - finalizing - reviewing - correcting - reviewing - adjusting - an ongoing process. You see - most projects do not have a final end date - there is always some follow up required. One does not build a house without planning for routine maintenance. There is always maintenance - unless you are comfortable with the project becoming outdated - obsolete - unattractive - no longer meaningful. Probably one of the hardest projects to attempt is building a web site. All too many people make the mistake of thinking their job is done once the initial site goes live - wrong.  Websites are dynamic - constantly being viewed - reviewed - updated. They take on lives of their own - requiring - demanding - constant attention by their creator.
When we consider our relationship with God - we learn that He is never done with us. We are His creation - His project - His love - reflected through our lives - viewed daily through the eyes of others whom He has created. Each of us is a reflection of His love - a myriad array of light beams - love beams - shining through the darkness of this world - giving proof of Him - the author of life - the lover of the world - the creator of all. God knew that once He created us - ongoing intervention would be needed - adjustments made - improvements introduced. That is our history - the story of our relationship with Him - the one who continues to work in our lives daily. We are a creation of God - each and everyone of us - He is not finished with us - never will be - thank God.

Deacon Dale