Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Was I Thinking?

How many times have you asked yourself that question - "what was I thinking" - unable to come up with a reasonable answer. Everyone does this - from time to time - caught up in the emotions of the moment - blood rapidly flowing through your brain - heart beating rapidly - mouth fully engaged - brain two minutes behind.  We misspeak - we misstate - we offer our opinion - too quickly - without all the information - without taking time to think through the situation.  In our desire to be of assistance - in a quick manner - we wag our tongue - when we should have taken a deep breath instead - and waited.  Sometimes we only make ourselves look foolish - sometimes we hurt feelings - on occasion - we cause problems. Why do we do that?  What was our rush - our intent?

It might be cute when a baby puts a foot in their mouth - adults are expected to avoid that scenario - most do - most of the time.  For those times when we do misspeak - hopefully - we are mature enough to apologize - correct our actions. Jesus asks each of us to treat others with love and respect - acting charitable - forgiving error - accepting those who are different - forgiving. When the shoe is on the other foot - others should reciprocate. As we begin this New Year of 2014 - all of us need to reshape our minds - hearts - attitudes - to that of Jesus - to be more Christ like.

Merry Christmas - Yes, It is still Christmas!
Deacon Dale