Sunday, February 23, 2020

Building Temples

In today's scriptures it is very clear that each of us has a very special place in God's plan.  The world may tell us different stories - fill us full of falsehoods - lies - tell us stories that fills our head with ideas of greatness - grandeur.  Unfortunately - the world has its own agenda - one that does not agree with God's plan for us.  The world tells us that we are number one - we are more important than any one else - that our wants - desires - are what  counts - nothing else.  The needs of others are not our concern.  Those who believe these lies -  often led far away from God.  

For those who reject the lure of the world - who see those lies for exactly what they are - who listen to the voice of God - know - they are loved - forgiven - called to be Holy as God is Holy.  As disciples we need to realize that we are temples - temples for the Spirit of God - that God not only lives around us - also in us.  We know that God is with us and gives us the strength to cope with the ordeals - challenges of life.  In our search for holiness - we are called to seek perfection - not as God is perfect - rather a purity of life - how we live - act - react to those around us.   God calls each of us to become strong faithful temples in which HIs Holy Spirit lives and grows