Sunday, February 16, 2020


Clueless refers to those who just seem to be unaware - not informed - speaking without thinking. Most people luckily do not fall into this category - unfortunately - there are those who just do not get it - always one step behind - lost in thought - thinking about anything else not pertinent to the subject at hand.  Harmless but irritating at worse.  When given the opportunity to rise above themselves - usually disappoint due to inability to thoroughly think through an issue - stopping halfway - failing to complete the task - often misled by others who are self professed experts.  A sad situation - one that can be overcome with thoughtful intervention. 
Jesus had to cope with this issue in His time - those who failed to listen to what He said - listening instead to false prophets - those who were inventing their own story - about God - life - salvation.  To those who were wise - He words would take root - grow in their minds - hearts - lead to the truth - to salvation.  Today this issue still exists - many following false prophets - reinventing the truth to their advantage - telling their story - not God's - reinventing the Gospel - to their benefit -  preaching their plan - not God's.  We are all called to be wise - to listen well with our ears - to see with our eyes - the glory - the truth - revealed only by Jesus.

Deacon Dale