Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mama Mia

Here we go again - another Lent season - upon us yet again - try try as we must - every year - ashes to dust - our hearts - our spirits - renewed at best.  As we get older so many ask - why again - wasn't one time enough?  Truth - all of us - clergy included - need to constantly pause - evaluate - what we are doing - what we have failed to do - where are we going - are we heading in the right direction.  Sadly - all have fallen short of the Glory of God - some further than others - but all have slipped - lost footing.  We can all do better - we know it - hard to act on it.  In Lent we are reminded for 40 days - repent - change - forgive - improve - get better - time to act.

Thank God that He is all forgiving - always wiping away our tears - arm around our shoulder - encouraging us to be - all that He expects us to be - despite our short comings - failures.  Only God - Jesus - can stand next to us - time after time - as we sin - fall short - fail - disappoint.  The Good News - He will always be there - no matter how long it takes - be it 40 days or even longer - Jesus - standing waiting.  Now is a great time to start - ask what needs to be done to improve - make a plan - then implement.  Start slow - take deep breaths - step forward into the future - one step at a time.  Mama Mia - Here We Go Again.

Deacon Dale